Absentee Voter Quick Reference Guide

Absentee Voting in the Georgia General Run-Off Election,

January 5, 2021

Action Steps for Absentee Voters in Georgia:

  1. APPLY for your absentee ballot NOW! (Your ballot will be sent to you by regular USPS mail.)
  2. COMPLETE your absentee ballot as soon as possible and place it in an official drop box located in your county, or return it by regular USPS mail so that it arrives by 7:00 pm on January 5, 2021.
  3. CONFIRM your ballot was received on your “My Voter Page.”


Key Facts for Georgia Voters:

Bubble example

Please be careful NOT to put check marks, X’s, circles, or any other markings on your ballot.

    • Placing the completed ballot in the White and Yellow envelopes provided with the ballot.
    • Signing the back of the yellow envelope. NOTE: Unsigned ballots will be rejected.

  • Completed absentee ballots may be:
    • Hand delivered to your County Board of Registrars Office;
    • Placed in an official drop box (Note: You must use a drop box in the county where you live); or
    • Mailed to your County Board of Registrars Office (USPS postage required).
      (NOTE: It is illegal to mail or drop off another person’s ballot, unless you are a family member, live in the same household, or are a caregiver for a disabled person.)
  • The use of drop boxes in your county is highly recommended. A list of official drop box locations by county is available at: https://faq.georgiavoter.guide/en/article/absentee-ballot-drop-box-locations
  • You can check on the status of both your application and your absentee ballot by going to your “My Voter Page.” You can also sign-up for a new free service called “Ballottrax” at https://georgia.ballottrax.net/voter/, to receive a text, email, or phone call alerting you as to the status of your Absentee Ballot.
  • If you make a mistake filling out your absentee ballot application, or the ballot itself; or if your ballot did not arrive, or was lost after you received it; please contact your County Board of Registrars Office and they can help you.

Poll workers are still needed throughout Georgia!

No prior experience is required. Most Georgia residents 17 years of age and older are eligible to
serve. Poll workers are hired, trained, and paid by each county. You can sign up at:

NOTE: Information compiled by The Ten X Initiative is subject to change and will be updated as new information is available.

Last revised: 12.7.20